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Essential Beer Knowledge

Who invented beer? What does IPA stand for? Within a one-hour session you will get the most essential beer knowledge that also allows you to impress in future little conversations.

Tasting different local craft beers will of course be part of the experience.

Choose your topic(s) for the session:

  • Beer and cheese: marry them!
  • Drinking beer is easy. But tasting it is a science
  • Put the beer styles in a tree - Ancestry of Beer
  • A beer please! - The art of beer service

Ideal for an after work with colleagues, a holiday activity with friends or a teambuilding.

Discovering the Garden of Wiltz

The Garden of Wiltz project was launched in 1983 by artists from Luxembourg and elsewhere developing models for working in the public space and social environment.

Planting, landscaping, water, sculptures, paths and stone fields form a 2.5 hectare living work of art, created and maintained by people with disabilities, participants of temporary workshops, craftsmen and artists alike.

The garden is open to the public year round.

A guided tour of the garden is available on request.

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Guided tour of Wiltz Castle and the town of Wiltz

Capital of the Ardennes. This title was conferred upon the town of Wiltz by Prince Henry of the Netherlands in 1866.

The town of Wiltz is a radiant jewel found right in the heart of the Eislek region. In summer, the monumental Renaissance porch of the castle, which dates back to the 10th century, serves as a stage for the famous Whitsunday Festival, which is sure to impress. The city also boasts a centuries-old tradition in the art of brewing beer: the Wiltz Brewery and the National Museum of Brewing Art are testimony to this.

On this historical tour, you will learn more about the seigniory of Wiltz, the completion of Wiltz Castle and much more.

Guided tours of the castle and/or the city are available on request.

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Guided tour: Museum of the Battle of the Bulge

The museum brings the destruction of the town of Wiltz and surrounding areas to life, allowing visitors to glimpse the terrifying period that was the Battle of the Bulge – from 16 December 1944 to 21 January 1945. During your visit, you will discover old photos, documents and war materials that best illustrate the scourges of the Second World War.

The guided tour can be combined with a visit to Wiltz Castle and/or the National Museum of the Art of Brewing.

Guided tour of the National Museum of the Art of Brewing

Housed in the former castle stables, the National Museum of Brewing Art is the first of its kind in Luxembourg. The exhibits give an insight into the 6,000-year history of beer production and show the exciting development of the art of brewing in Luxembourg. This journey through time becomes particularly vivid during the guided tour.

The guided tour can also be complemented by a beer tasting.

City night tour

In summer, take part in our evening torchlight tours of the city to learn more about the history of the city and the customs and habits of the past. Along the way, you will hear explanations about the most important historical buildings in the upper town.

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