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Wiltz and beer: a rich history

Although beer is produced in Wiltz, the town also has a rich brewing culture and history.

Founded in 1824 by a tanner from Wiltz, the Simon Brewery is still at the service of hop drink lovers today and is now one of the three largest brewers in Luxembourg.

The Castle of Wiltz houses the National Museum of Brewing Art and its experimental, educational microbrewery. In the 17th century, there was already a brewery at Wiltz Castle.

At that time, Wiltz also had private breweries outside the castle. At the start of the 19th century, there were five breweries in Wiltz, two of which were in operation- Indeed, they continued to operate until 1969, when the Gruber Brewery ceased operations.

A visit to the National Museum of Brewing Art (MNAB)

Visitors to the MNAB are immediately charmed by the special atmosphere of the "Café Jhang Primus". Here, they can sit and listen to explanations of the legend of Gambrinus – the king of beer. Visitors then learn the "secrets" of making a good beer, from the basic ingredients right through to the packaging. For some visitors, the collections of glasses, bottles and other "goodies" from Luxembourg breweries might even evoke fond memories.

Located in the former stables of Wiltz Castle, the MNAB is also a welcoming place steeped in history. The old cobblestones, thick walls and authentic framework, among many other charming features, are sure to make an impression!

And most exciting of all, the museum has an active microbrewery. If visitors don't get a chance to smell the characteristic odour of a brewing day, they will still be able to smell the pleasant odour of the cylindrical-conical tanks filled with young beer in full fermentation.

Create and produce your own beer

The main objective of the experimental and educational microbrewery is to share the art of brewing. From the "ordinary" beer lover to the experienced "beer geek".

"When my friend suggested that I go to a brewing seminar, not being a big beer fan, I thought: 'Come on, why not, it's a good opportunity to spend a day together'. In reality, the experience goes much further: we didn't just observe and follow the brewer's explanations, but we created, as a group, with our heads and our hands, a unique product, perhaps even one that had never been made before.

Nicolas Geiger

"We had a lot of fun that day. The atmosphere was relaxed and warm. And we had a good meal too! (laughs)"

"The moment I found most moving was the bottling (a few weeks after the seminar, editor's note). Tasting the fruit of our work and our reflections was impressive, I actually recognised the tastes of the different ingredients selected."

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