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Let the music play and your heart beat

Roses for Valentine's Day, perfume for her birthday. This year, opt for originality: a dinner on a beautiful terrace near Wiltz Castle, in the vicinity of the Wiltz music festival. And even if you have nothing special to celebrate, this is already a memorable evening.

Before your meal, we invite you to discover cultural Wiltz with its sculpture garden, its beautifully restored old mansions, witnesses of a flourishing past. Visit the house of Michel Rodange, or the national museum of the art of brewing. Browse in the shops selling restored objects as part of the circular economy policy to which Wiltz is dedicated. Wiltz will take you on a journey through time on a romantic getaway for two.

Your table awaits you. Nowhere else will you find an atmosphere that combines refinement and relaxation with such delicacy. Etiquette? There is none! The watchword is shared well-being. After your dinner, the music will accompany you and blend with your conversations. The world around you is a setting specially designed for your tête-à-tête. No kitsch, no inappropriate luxury, just an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and sharing. An unrestricted environment with a touch of subtlety and a light cultural touch.

Finally, there's music: the 2022 Wiltz festival promises to be particularly eclectic: Mando Diao for energy, Franz Léhar's La Veuve Joyeuse for lyrical art, or the musical "The Jungle Book" for families, not forgetting the famous Gipsy Kings, who know how to put a smile on the face of the earth and make all generations dance. They will harmoniously close your dinner at the foot of the castle.
Why not stay one or two nights in a hotel in the town and explore the surrounding nature and castles? You will discover that Wiltz has remained simple, endearing and generous, but not without revealing its historical and artistic soul.

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