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WI 1 - Passing through the Kaul recreation area

Distance : 4,8 km
Level : Easy
Start : Parking Niederwiltz decanal church

You start your walk at the decanal church of Wiltz – the first settlement of the lords of Wiltz. After passing the Simon Brewery, you will take the path to the forest in "Kaul". Here, you will see the ruins of the foundations of a sanatorium, overgrown with trees and bushes: construction work began in the 20th century but the project was abandoned shortly afterwards. A steep climb takes you in the direction of Erpeldange before descending to the recreation area and the Kaul campsite.

WI 2 - An intimate walk in the woods

Distance : 5,3 km
Level : Easy
Start : Café Halt

This walk takes you to the heart of nature. Ideal for escaping from everyday life and letting the tranquility of the forest guide you.

WI 3 - Peaceful villages

Distance : 6,3 km
Level : Moderate
Start : Near Knaphoscheid church

Walking through the woods, you reach the nearby village of Selscheid. You pass the church and cross the Roudebësch before reaching the peaceful village of Kleinhoscheid. Then, you walk through the Kirel valley to return to the starting point.

WI 4 - Passing through the castle and garden

Distance : 6,5 km
Level : Easy
Start : Wiltz Castle

This hike starts in the heart of Wiltz Castle. It's worth taking a look, because you will learn that brewing is also an art. From the top of the witch tower, the lord in armour greets you and shows you the way to the Wiltz forests, which you will walk through. When you return to civilisation, the Garden of Wiltz awaits you.

WI 5 - The Kirel Valley

Distance : 8 km
Level : Moderate
Start : Café Halt

This trail leads along the Kirel stream to the Himmelbach stream. From here, you walk along the railway line to Wiltz from the top of Steekämpchen Hill. Views of the valley open up from time to time.

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