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Let's turn the magic on!

The nights of the lanterns

When night falls, the show begins!

The garden of Wiltz is dressed in light, it is adorned with a thousand lights, it is illuminated with lanterns and candles. Ephemeral projections animate the city under the starry sky and fill our minds with wonder.

Sumptuous and spectacular, poetic, luminous and colourful, the lanterns and candles guide you through the gardens of Wiltz and their surroundings. The shadows, the coloured lights, the silhouettes fascinate and draw new pictures. Before experiencing Wiltz in its magical atmosphere at nightfall, let yourself be tempted by the regional gastronomy, to the sound of laughter and lively rhythms.

This unique festival of light and sound was originally created as part of the European Year of Culture in 2007 and has been organised by Wiltz Cooperations every year since then.

Fascinated by the mystical atmosphere with its shadowy contours, this delight for the senses and pleasure for the eyes provokes enchanted memories and a feeling of well-being. All it takes is one spark to light up our hearts and let ourselves be transported out of time by the luminous beauty.

Don't miss the chance to see a town transformed by the festive spirit, mysterious illuminations and human warmth. The garden of Wiltz changes its face under the light of the lanterns. Come and discover this new luminous facet.

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