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Wiltz Festival

"The International Theatre Festival", created in 1953 with a single play on the programme, has developed over the years by extending the programme to include dance, opera, musicals and music in its most diverse forms.

Since then, the Wiltz Festival has become what it is today: a most eclectic festival with the widest possible audience and a wide variety of concerts and performing arts in a truly unique setting:

An amphitheatre with more than 1,200 seats and a canvas roof, which largely covers the spectator area and the entire stage, was built in the former gardens of Wiltz Castle.

The monumental Renaissance grand staircase, with the backdrop of the castle, became a meeting place for famous artists like Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis and theatre stars such as Bernhard Minetti and Ludmilla Tscherina.

The Wiltz Festival takes place every year during the summer.

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