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Cultural Trail 1 – Upper Town (yellow)

Grand - Rue

Distance : 3 km
Level : Easy
Start : Wiltz Castle

On the yellow cultural trail, you will learn why Wiltz was awarded the honorary title of Martyrdom City and get to know the 21 sights in the upper town, including the Prabbeli Socio-Cultural Centre and the Garden of Wiltz, which is illuminated annually throughout the month of September on Lantern Nights.

You can also admire the more than 300-year-old baroque high altar in the parish church of Our Lady.

Cultural Trails

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Cultural Trail 2 – Lower Town (red)

Sanctuaire Notre-Dame de Fatima

Distance : 4,5 km
Level : Moderate
Start : Wiltz Castle

This cultural trail includes 25 sights that allow you to discover the Rodange-Reenert-Kulturwee – a sculpture unique to Europe – the last windmill in Luxembourg and the sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima.

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